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Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Belahan Dada Rossa Memakai Gaun Warna Pink

Belahan Dada Rossa Memakai Gaun Warna Pink

RossaRossaRossaPredicted will be separated, the household Rossa and the Padi Yo-yo of the musician's couple evidently still was cool and calm.
However, Rossa acknowledged if his household not yet froze.
He said, all of them still not clear and complete.
"I indeed apparently ok, but don't be wrong."
At this time I and Yoyo indeed was looking for the appropriate method so that the problem of our household is resolved.
Yes not knew although results unlike that was hoped for, said Rossa when being met in Jakarta on Wednesday (27/11).
When being touched on more far, this Tegar song singer reluctantly explained him.
"I still could not explain my household now."
Hmmm, indeed not there are those that must be explained.
Whated are you doing I give the explanation if his problem also not yet clear, he said again.
The matter of the condition for his child who currently still is left at Sumedang by his parents, for Rossa personally in fact claimed not have the heart to.
But for the sake of goodness and the development of his child, then he be forced sent the child.
"I was willing far with the child."
Although I could beraktifitas calmly and my child was also calm because was in the comfortable and safe place, he said.

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